Scott A. Wentland


I am an Economist at the Bureau of Economic Analysis as of November 2015. Previously, I worked as an Associate Professor of Economics at Longwood University, where I taught and researched economics since 2009. I am an applied microeconomist by trade and have broad research interests, ranging from real estate and urban economics to public economics. While at Longwood, I regularly taught Managerial Economics (for MBAs), International Economics, Macroeconomics, Law & Economics, and Economic Development (among other courses). I am from Ohio originally, and I currently live in Fairfax, Virginia with my wife (Kelly), daughter (Holly), and two dogs.

I try to update my website a few times per year. In case you found yourself here in search of one of my papers and cannot find it on SSRN or elsewhere, don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail. I would be glad to send you the latest draft of any of my current or past research.   

Holly's first dip in the ocean (at 3 months - Nov. 2014)